10/28/2012 - ONTARIO POULTRY BREEDERS SHOW - WOODSTOCK, ON - It was a great show yesterday at Woodstock Ontario.  Thanks to Frank, Rachael, and all of the many volunteers for making the show a success.

Black Minorca Hen - Champion Standard of Show

White Wyandotte Pullet - Best Of Breed, Reserve American

11/11/11 - ROYAL WINTER FAIR POULTRY SHOW RESULTS - It was another great Royal Poultry Show this year, for the poultry showing partnership of Reade and Frank under the entry of Baker/Goodfellow. The photos below are the select birds who gained titles of Champion in their breeds. The Grand Champion Bantam of the show was awarded to their Black Rosecomb Cockerel.

Black Rosecomb Cockerel - Grand Champion Bantam

Single Comb White Leghorn Bantam Pullet - Best of Breed

Black Ameraucana Pullet - Champion Any Other Standard Breed

White Cochin Bantam Hen - Super Grand Champion of the Eastern Ontario Open on October 15, 2011 and Reserve Champion Featherleg at the Royal

Buff Brahma Hen - Champion Featherleg, and Best Opposite Sex Bantam

Grey Call Old Duck - Reserve Champion Bantam Duck

Red Pyle Cockerel - Champion Modern Game Bantam

Standard Single Comb White Leghorn Pullet - Champion Mediterranean


White Plymouth Rock First Wash

Wash and Rinse Stations

Millefleure Cockerel - final rinse

Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam Cockerel - Rinse

White Leghorn Pullet - Towel drying

White Leghorn Pullet - Drying


Millefleure Cockerel

Blue Ameracanas Pullet

White Ameracanas Pullet

Black Langshang Bantam



Light Brown Leghorn - Champion Large Fowl - 2010 Ohio National, recipient of the Wilbur Stauffer Award. Accepted by the partnership of Baker and Goodfellow.

11/13/10 - ROYAL WINTER FAIR POULTRY SHOW - Winning with the Champion Standard, (Black Langsham), Reserve Standard (Light Brown Leghorn) and the Champion waterfowl (white call duck). Frank and Reade pose with the birds.

11/11/2009 - ROYAL GOOD SHOW - Another year, another Royal Poultry Show. Reade, along with Frank Goodfellow teamed up once again to present 50 birds to the fair. Numerous winners with 15 Best of Breed designations, out of a total of 18 Breeds shown. Topping the show, was their Old Male White Call Duck, Champion Waterfowl, their Champion Bantam Buff Brahma Hen and their Champion Standard White Plymouth Rock Cockeral. Here is a photo of them looking pretty happy after the show.

Below are the photos of our champions at the 2009 Royal Show

Black Langshan Hen - Champion Asiatic, and Reserve Largefowl of Show

Black Cochin Bantam Cock - Best of Breed

Black Red Old English Cock - Champion Game

Buff Brahma Hen - Champion Bantam of Show

White Call Duck, Old Male  -  Champion Waterfowl of Show

White Leghorn Cockerel - Champion Mediterranean of Show

White Plymouth Rock - Champion Largefowl of Show

White Wyandotte Bantam Hen - Champion RCCL of the Show

White Leghorn Bantam Hen - Reserve SCCL of Show

11/12/2008 - ROYAL WINTER FAIR - The two day Poultry and Waterfowl exhibit at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto was well attended. The partnership of Reade Baker and Frank Goodfellow entered over 40 birds and saw the red 1st sticker displayed on numerous cages. The highlight was the entry of their white male call duck who was given the honour of being judged CHAMPION of the show. The Bantam Ducks are from the breeding line of Art Lundgeren, of Jamestown, NY. Here are some photos.

Frank with the Grand Champion Old Male Call, and Reade with their White Leghorn Cockerel, Reserve Champion, of the 2008 Royal Winter Fair Poultry Show.

GRAND CHAMPION OF SHOW, RWF 2008 - White Call Duck - Old Male

White Leghorn - Champion Standard and Reserve Champion of the show, RWF.

Black Langshan Cockerel - Best Asiatic at the RWF.

White Pekin Drake - Best Heavy Duck of the RWF Show.

Black Langshan Pullet - Champion Langshan - Ohio National 2008

Black Rosecomb Cockerel

Cayuga Young Female - Reserve of Breed, RWF

Black Minorca Pullet - Reserve Mediterranean, at the RWF and Best of Breed, Ohio National 2008

Grey Call - Old Female, Reserve of Breed, RWF.

White Leghorn Bantam Cockerel

White Leghorn Pullet - Reserve of Variety at the RWF, and Champion Meditteranean, at the Ohio National 2008

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Frank Goodfellow and Reade Baker at the OPB Woodstock Show December 2007

Reade and Frank show their poultry and waterfowl in partnership.

For information on poultry and waterfowl sales, contact 

Frank Goodfellow - email: wildgenebert@kos.net Tel: (613) 375-6234  P.O. Box 24, Parham, ON, K0H 2K0

Judging Call Ducks at the Woodstock show is Heather Hayes of Calahoo, AB

Judging Wyandotte Bantams at the Woodstock is Rod Clow of Bedeque, P.E.I.

2007 Royal Winter Fair - Call Duck

2007 Royal Winter Fair -  Buff Brahma, Bantam

2007 Royal Winter Fair - Black Rosecomb Pullet

Champion Standard at the 2004 Royal WInter Fair in Toronto.

Old Female Grey Call - Champion Waterfowl at the Great Lakes Poultry Show in 2006

 White Plymouth Rock Pullet - Champion at the Colwyn Show 2007

 Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen - was shown at the RWF for 6 consecutive years.

Same Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen again!!

 Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen - Champion Standard at the Sarnia International APA Semi Annual Show 1993

Rhode Island Red -  Champion Standard at Richmond Hill Show

The Late George Houtby was a partner with Reade.

Black Cochin Bantams, circa 1957 in Port Dalhousie. These were some of Reade's first show quality birds.

Reg Hughes and Reade at the 2007 RWF.



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