Horse Stakes Date Track
1 A Greater Magic White Lace S. 15-Sep-90 DET
2 Academic Canadian Oaks 14-Jun-15 WO
3 Alpha Heat Zadracarta 30-Jun-03 WO
4 Annihilate Peteski 23-Aug-97 WO
5 Asserting Bear Coronation Futurity 17-Nov-13 WO
6 Asserting Bear Marine 25-May-14 WO
7 Atlas Shrugs Woodstock 22-Apr-06 WO
8 Atlas Shrugs Queenston 6-May-06 WO
9 Bear Holiday Colin 21-Jul-07 WO
10 Bear Holiday Silver Deputy 25-Aug-07 WO
11 Bear It's Time Lady Angela 23-May-11 WO
12 Bear It's Time Bison City 3-Jul-11 WO
13 Bear It's Time Classy n Smart 5-Oct-11 WO
14 Bear No Joke Kenora 28-Aug-13 WO
15 Bear No Joke Kennedy Road 30-Nov-13 WO
16 Bear Now Selene 20-May-07 WO
17 Bear Now HillNDale 16-Jun-07 WO
18 Bear Now Duchess 11-Aug-07 WO
19 Bear Now Fitz Dixon Cotillion 22-Sep-07 PA
20 Bear Now HillNDale 21-Jun-08 WO
21 Bear Now Ontario Matron 20-Jul-08 WO
22 Bear Now Kentucky Cup Distaff 27-Sep-08 TP
23 Bear Tough Guy Grey 11-Oct-09 WO
24 Bear Tough Tiger Kennedy Road 25-Nov-12 WO
25 Bearcatt Woodstock 26-Apr-09 WO
26 Bear's Chill Queenston 7-May-11 WO
27 Bear's Future Swynford 12-Sep-10 WO
28 Bear's Gem Ballade 18-May-13 WO
29 Bear's Hard Ten Display 5-Dec-09 WO
30 Bear's Kid Summer 18-Sep-05 WO
31 Bear's Peak Bull Page 11-Oct-10 WO
32 Bear's Peak Overskate 22-Sep-12 WO
33 Bear's Pride Victoriana S. 1-Aug-15 WO
34 Bear'sway Wando S. 24-Apr-16 WO
35 Biofuel Mazarine 10-Oct-09 WO
36 Biofuel Star Shoot 10-Apr-10 WO
37 Biofuel La Lorgnette 23-May-10 WO
38 Biofuel Belle Mahone 22-Aug-10 WO
39 Biofuel Selene 26-Sep-10 WO
40 Bosskiri Nandi 8-Aug-04 WO
41 Bosskiri Lady Angela 28-May-05 WO
42 Bosskiri Ballade 7-Jun-06 WO
43 Bosskiri Ernie Samuels Memorial 15-Jul-07 FE
44 Breaking Lucky Prince Of Wales 28-Jul-15 FE
45 Breaking Lucky Seagram Cup S. 1-Aug-16 WO
46 Brock Street Eclipse S. 23-May-94 WO
47 Celcius Clay Juvenille S. 25-Sep-94 WO
48 City Wolf Durham Cup 2-Oct-11 WO
49 Coachella Valley Jammed Lovely 16-Nov-13 WO
50 Cool n Collective Elgin 4-Sep-00 WO
51 Coy Coyote Mazarine 30-Sep-06 WO
52 Elusive Thought Fury 4-May-03 WO
53 Executive Choice Steady Growth 9-Jun-07 WO
54 Executive Choice Sir Barton 8-Dec-07 WO
55 Fastin Bear Simcoe 7-Sep-09 WO
56 Fatal Bullet Bold Venture 20-Jul-08 WO
57 Fatal Bullet TRdgLbrDay 1-Sep-08 PID
58 Fatal Bullet Kentucky Cup Sprint 27-Sep-08 TP
59 Fatal Bullet Bold Venture 19-Jul-09 WO
60 Fatal Bullet The Phoenix 9-Oct-09 KEE
61 Free Fee Lady Bison City 11-Jul-10 WO
62 Free Fee Lady Wonder Where 1-Aug-10 WO
63 Go Blue or Go Home Karl Boyes Memorial 10-Jun-13 PID
64 Go Blue or Go Home Highlander 7-Jul-13 WO
65 Go Blue or Go Home Highlander 5-Jul-15 WO
66 Gold Strike Selene 22-May-05 WO
67 Gold Strike Canadian Oaks 12-Jun-05 WO
68 Gonetofarr Fury 5-May-02 WO
69 High Mist Fanfreluche 18-Oct-08 WO
70 Honoured One Fanfreluche 19-Oct-96 WO
71 Hour of Justice Alywow 31-May-03 WO
72 Hunter's Bay Eclipse 26-May-12 WO
73 Hunter's Bay Dominion Day 1-Jul-12 WO
74 It's Time Bear Bold Ruckus 6-Jun-10 WO
75 Jose Sea View FDJ Memorial Juevenile 26-Sep-13 PID
76 Jose Sea View Display 8-Dec-13 WO
77 Judith's Wild Rush Vigil 30-Apr-05 WO
78 Judith's Wild Rush Bold Venture 9-Jul-05 WO
79 Judith's Wild Rush Jacques Cartier 15-Apr-06 WO
80 Judith's Wild Rush Vigil 29-Apr-06 WO
81 Just Be Kind Ontario Debutante S. 10-Sep-16 WO
82 Just Be Kind Minaret S. 18-Feb-18 TAM
83 Katharine of Ascot Classy n Smart 15-Nov-00 WO
84 Kathern's Cat Freedom of the City 9-Oct-04 NP
85 Mesa Cielo Elgin 6-Sep-10 WO
86 Moonshine Mullin Victoria Park 12-Jun-11 WO
87 Mrs. Began Princess Elizabeth 20-Oct-07 WO
88 Muskrat Sammy Cup & Saucer 20-Oct-96 WO
89 Northern Netti Bouwerie 4-May-08 BEL
90 Notgivinmyloveaway PA Nursery 24-Nov-07 PA
91 Ontheqt Fanfreluche 26-Oct-03 WO
92 Ontheqt Star Shoot S. 25-Apr-04 WO
93 Perigee Girl Victorian Queen 5-Oct-05 WO
94 Real Doll Matchmaker 15-Jun-03 FE
95 River Nore Fury 8-May-05 WO
96 River Rush Plate Trial 3-Jun-12 WO
97 Ruby Shoes Muskoka - DQ 4-Sep-00 WO
98 Ruby Shoes Fanfreluche 22-Oct-00 WO
99 Sharp Sensation Karl Boyes Memorial 9-Jun-14 PID
100 Sharp Sensation Turf Monster 1-Sep-14 PRX
101 Sharp Sensation Bet On Sunshine 1-Nov-14 CD
102 Silver Bird Glorious Song 9-Nov-03 WO
103 Sir Lloyd Achievement 4-Apr-99 WO
104 Slew Valley Conought Cup 30-May-04 WO
105 Slew Valley King Edward 19-Jun-04 WO
106 Solid Appeal Nassau 25-May-13 WO
107 Solid Appeal Dance Smartly 7-Jul-13 WO
108 Solid Appeal Nassau 25-May-14 WO
109 Solidify Grey Stakes 1-Oct-18 WO
110 Synchronized Bison City 4-Jul-99 FE
111 Synchronized Algoma 6-Sep-99 WO
112 Time to Decide Hindmarsh 22-Sep-01 WO
113 Tothemoonandback Bold Venture 14-Jun-06 WO
114 Tothemoonandback Achievement 1-Jul-06 WO
115 Touchnow Bison City 4-Jul-04 FE
116 Tu Endie Wei My Dear 25-Jun-11 WO
117 Tu Endie Wei Ontario Debutante 13-Aug-11 WO
118 Tu Endie Wei Glorious Song 13-Nov-11 WO
119 Tu Endie Wei Star Shoot 14-Apr-12 WO
120 Tu Endie Wei Seaway 1-Sep-12 WO
121 U R Flashy Nandi 6-Aug-05 WO
122 Vestry Lady Duchess 12-Aug-06 WO
123 Vestry Lady La Lorgnette 23-Sep-06 WO
124 Vestry Lady Royal North 6-Aug-07 WO
125 Wait for Silence Ontario Lassie 29-Nov-97 WO
126 Whiskey and Low Eternal Search 31-Aug-05 WO
127 Wind in My Wings Jessamine 11-Oct-07 KEE